Mexican Art and History Classes


We offer classes on Mexican art and history in English and in Spanish throughout the community. Please email us if you are interested in our presenting one or a series of classes. Click here for the classes we are currently offering.

We can provide the following classes:

  • Ancient Civilizations of Mexico
  • Colonial Mexico through Independence
  • Cinco de Mayo to the Revolution
  • The Mexican Revolution
  • The Mexican Mural Movement
  • Post-Revolution Art and Society
  • The Art of 1968
  • Mexican Contemporary Art
  • US/Latino Art



 Utah Humanities         Artes de Mexico in Utah

Alcanzando Comunidades is a series of classes that utilize art to teach the history of Mexico.  We offer the lesson materials and teaching suggestions below.

The Classes are:


When preparing to teach each class, take into consideration your audience (age, background, level of education). Although our lesson outlines provide images and information on the subject, as a teacher you should use your personal judgment on how to approach this material. In your lesson, you can discuss all the images provided, or focus on only a few. You are also encouraged to do additional research on your own.

When teaching art history, it is important to encourage discussion among your students. Asking questions about the images is a great way to allow your audience to share their thoughts and ideas. Asking questions can also help you assess your students’ level of understanding of the material.

Once the discussion has begun, use this opportunity to incorporate any historical events and facts that are connected to the work of art that is being discussed. At times your students may deviate from the subject, and as a teacher you should find ways to bring the discussion back to the material presented. When teaching younger audiences, it is a good idea to incorporate an art activity. Each one of our lessons will provide an optional interactive activity that you can choose to use.  


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