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Fanny Guadalupe Blauer

Executive Director

Fanny Guadalupe is from Mexico City. She graduated from the Instituto Politecnico Nacional as a certified public accountant and earned a Certificate of Anthropology of Art from the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of Social Anthropology (CIESAS). As an immigrant, Fanny has developed a great interest in valuing the cultural diversity of Mexico in the United States; as such, she is the creator of projects that actively involve members of the community with the main purpose of acknowledging their individual cultural values and practices.  Fanny formerly served as a community liaison, translator, and interpreter at the Natural History Museum of Utah. She currently participates on the diversity and inclusion committees for other organizations such as The Nature Conservancy of Utah.  Fanny is part of the National Leadership Project for Peer Alliance, Gender and Equity managed by the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Silvia Norman

Board Chair

Silvia Norman is the former Vice President of Latino Banking for Wells Fargo Bank. She is a native of Argentina and grew up in Salt Lake City. Silvia graduated from the University of Utah. She has been in banking for more than 30 years. Silvia is a generous and long-time supporter of the Latino community. Silvia serves as our Board Treasurer. Silvia serves on our Fundraising and Governance Committees.

Lourdes Cooke, Retired Media Executive

Board Member

Lourdes Cooke worked as VP/Human Resources for KSL Radio/Television for several years as well other organizations in Utah.  Lourdes received her Bachelors of Science degree from Southern Methodist University in Psychology and participated in many executive management and leadership programs. Lourdes has enjoyed serving the community of Utah in several capacities.  Presently, participates in the Human Rights Committee for the County’s Office of Diversity Affairs.  Lourdes was a very proud member for the State of Utah Governor’s Health Commission.  Also served as Citizen’s Compensation Advisory Committee.  Lourdes has also been in other boards such as the Utah's Hispanic Council, Guadalupe Schools and Catholic Community Services.  Lourdes has taught Spanish at Westminster College and Bonneville Elementary School.  Lourdes grew-up in Mexico City and has a double citizenships – Mexico and the USA.   Lourdes has two children and two grand-children.  Lourdes desires to continue growing, learning and running.

Jorge Rodriguez, Artist & Educator

Board Member

Jorge Rodriguez is an artist, public school teacher (Art and English) and radio host. Jorge is a graduate of Utah Valley University with a BFA in Visual Arts and Communication. He has turned his passion for the Latino community into Park City, Utah’s only radio show in Spanish, Cada Domingo, on a public radio station, KPCW. (Park City is a wealthy ski community with a large population of Latino workers, most of Mexican origin.) His show is one of the few radio shows in Spanish in Utah that delve deeply into cultural,  as well as social and political issues affecting the Latino community. Jorge has been a key player in joining community organizations in Park City to promote the appreciation of Latino cultures and the contributions of Latinos to the area.

Will Chamberlain, MD

Board Member

Will graduated from medical school at UCLA in 1966. He did a residency in anesthesiology in San Jose, California. He worked as a anesthesiologist in Twin Fall, Idaho, in Boston Massachusetts, and in Salt Lake City. He has worked with surgical teams, including cleft lip and palate. His practice includes Mexico with Interplast, and Guatemala with Operation Smile. In retirement, he has been going back to Guatemala once a year with Faith in Practice as a medical interpreter. For that reason, he tries to keep up his abilities in Spanish by reading and watching films.

Gloria Gonzalez - Cook

Board Member

Gloria was born in California, but have spent most of her life living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her father was fro Mexico and her mother was first generation US born to parents from Guanajuato, she attended Salt Lake City public schools, graduating from West High, and receiving a BA degree from the University of Utah. Gloria is very active in the Hispanic community as a volunteer for churches, book clubs and Artes de Mexico en Utah. AS a Chicana, Gloria has provided a meaningful point of view to our program materials. It was her father who introduced her to the history of Mexico, from the pre-Columbian peoples to 20th Century conflicts. His influence helped her acquire a love of history, not just Latin American, but of the world and, this is what peaked her interest in Anthropology, human culture and society, through the archeological record and human behavior.

Dolores Medina

Board Member

Dolores Medina is the owner/general manager of El Farol Mexican restaurant, one of the first Mexican restaurants in Salt Lake City. Lolita identifies as Mexican American who is proud of her Mexican heritage an dmakes sure she reflects that on everything she does. Lolita has extensive experience in business management. She is passionate about community building, culture and the arts. Lolita has been a member of significant community organizations such as the Hispanic Rotary Club and the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Mac Tapia

Board Member

Mac Tapia is native of Mexico City. He is the Vice President of Marketing and Co-Owner of La Garnacha and Founder of M4 Marketing. Prior to Artes de Mexico En Utah, he was part of the Ogden Soccer Board as a Marketing Specialist. Mac has dedicated his life to learning from people, experiences and situations around him. As an immigrant from Mexico, he has understood the points of views that a couple, or more, prominent cultures in his life. His passion to unite in a compassionate, organic and simple way is infectious and hopefully inspiring. He is a member of the Athlos Academy Board, a member of the History Committee for Herriman City, and is engaged in any activity helpful to the community. Mac is passionate for communication and messaging, thus, looking to create an enhanced experience to anyone that doesn't know of Artes de Mexico En Utah and to anyone that does!

Cristina Díaz de Leon

Board Member

Cristina Diaz de Leon is from Mexico City and moved to Utah in  1986, since then,  Cristina takes pride in her Mexican roots and love for the latino community. Cristina is a passionate community advocate and volunteer.  She is the creator of special platforms in the areas of marketing and social media for the community of Spanish speakers. Cristina has worked as a children art teacher, marketing and volunteer coordinator. She currently works for the Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs.

Catherine Aviles


Artist & Educator


Edgar Gomez

Advisory Board Member


Bernardo Flores Sahagun

Advisory Board Member


Jorge Rojas

Advisory Board Member

Director of Education and Engagement, Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Susan Voguel

Advisory Board Member

Independent Scholar

Janine Sheldon

Advisory Board Member

Former development professional, LACMA, Berkeley Art Museum

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