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Nuevas Voces


“No existe una verdad histórica; al contrario, la historia debe ser cuestionada, pensada, preguntada y replanteada cada vez."

“There is no historical truth; on the contrary, history must be questioned, thought out, asked and reframed every time."

~  Alejandro Rosas Robles,
Mexican writer and historian

In this podcast we use art as a platform to examine stories about Mexico’s past and present. Each episode examines some famous works of art through the perspectives of a Mexican national, a Chicano, and a white American. Through these “new voices" we explore and rethink many of the stories we’ve been told about Mexico – and the United States – and its relevance to American contemporary life.

Our podcast is co-hosted and produced by Ross Chambless, with insight and commentary from Susan Vogel, Fanny Guadalupe Blauer, Luis Lopez, Jorge Rodriguez, Ciriac Alvarez,
and others.


This project complements our community classes on Mexican Art and History taught through Artes de Mexico en Utah. Our goal is to reach younger and diverse English speaking audiences, and help young Latinos connect positively with Mexico and their heritage and culture.


This podcast is made possible from a grant from Utah Humanities and NALAC. 

We are grateful to KCPW and The Scope Radio for the studio space.


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