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Our Mission & Values


Mission Statement

To build communities and a sense of belonging united by cultural connections through the appreciation and creation of art. Art in all its expressions is the pathway to reflect on our past and present to find commonalities among one another.

How we started

In 2010, we saw how an exhibit of Mexican art at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts drew the entire community together in celebration and positive interaction during a difficult political time. We formed Artes de México en Utah to use the power of art to build bridges in our diverse community. We developed our programming in response to requests from the community for traveling exhibits, films, literature, and classes that teach cross-cultural competence. Our audiences are multigenerational.  According to the 2017 census bureau, 37 million people identify as Mexican in the country.

Our values

Multiculturalism is the core value of our programs. We reflect on historical and current perspectives that include the U.S. history and the parallels between Mexico/Latin America and the U.S.


Our community conversations, discussions and workshops provide inclusive and diverse perspectives of those identified as indigenous, mestizo and of African descendants born in Mexico, immigrants, those of Mexican/Latino heritage born in the U.S. and non-Latinos, to build understanding and cross-cultural competence.


We especially seek to help the Latino-Hispanic youth to connect with their roots and to be proud of being part of a multicultural heritage.


We are the voice and the perspectives of our community in everything we do. Our community helps us create the content of our programs by sharing peoples’ relevant oral histories and cultural knowledge. Thus, we stimulate the public to create their own art in response involving local visual artists, poets, writers, and filmmakers, as well as, university professors, teachers, community scholars and museums.


We acknowledge and share the relevance of our living traditions, practices and language. Through our programs, our audiences become aware that many of our ancient traditions are alive in our daily practices, and that they enrich the diversity of our state. We acknowledge the preservation of such practices with respect and honor.


Our programs focus on the interconnection between NatureCulture-Sustainability. Our heritage - the cosmovision - is based on these three concepts that we must continue to preserve for the well-being of our planet.

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