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These traveling exhibitions are presented by universities, high schools, libraries, museums, and community organizations throughout Utah. Each exhibit is accompanied by a bilingual digital presentation, created with the help of scholars from the University of Utah and Brigham Young University who use these exhibitions to find commonalities between Utah and Mexico, including in history, geography, culture and artistic styles.

Traveling exhibits include: 

Homenage to Posada

José Guadalupe Posada

Homage to Posada is an exhibit consisting of images created by contemporary Latin American artists commemorating the centennial of José Guadalupe Posada's death. First exhibited in Mexico in 2012, a partnership between Artes de México en Utah, the Consulate of Mexico in Salt Lake City, and Salt Lake City Community College brought this exhibit to Utah.

Mexico Then: The Casasola Archive

Agustín Casasola

Mexico Then: The Casasola Archive is an exhibit about the Mexican Revolution as seen through the camera lens of Agustín Casasola and other photographers working for his photo agency. The exhibit consists of six panels that tell about the Mexican Revolution, in English and Spanish, and 20 frames digital images from Mexico's famed Casasola Archive in Hidalgo, Mexico. 

José María Velasco

Displayed in this exhibition are seven bilingual educational panels discussing Velasco, landscape painting in the Americas, perspective, and similarities between these two valleys. It includes 20 framed high quality reproductions of Velasco's landscape paintings, as well as a digital display with a looping presentation in English and Spanish discussing the similarity between the valley that is now Mexico City and the valley along Utah's Wasatch Front—both have been transformed from pristine former lake beds surrounded by mountains into busy urban cities and both are the destination of peoples whose spiritual beliefs designate the area as a gathering place.

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